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Top 5 cheap FPV goggles under $100 | March 2017

FPV can be fun AND cheap

Getting into FPV can be a fun and rewarding hobby but it can also be a very expensive hobby depending on the equipment you buy (some goggles can cost over $300!) which does turn some people off of flying.

Fortunately for beginners there are some low cost FPV goggles available for under $100 that are the perfect balance of price vs performance making them a great cheap option.

To help you sift through which models are worth getting I’ve made a list of the top 5 FPV goggles for beginners available for under $100 and I’ve quickly gone over all the pros, cons, and details of each to help you find the best FPV goggles for the price.

Quick comparison

Eachine EV800
5 inch (800x480)$54.99
Eachine VR D25 inch (800x480)$75.99
FuriBee VR014.3 inch (480x272)$54.01
Eachine VR-0074.3 inch (480x272)$43.99
JJRC JJPRO – F015 inch (640x480)$72.69

#1 Eachine EV800 – “Best value”

eachine ev800 fpv gogglesThe Eachine EV800 isn’t the most fully featured pair of FPV goggles but when you consider the features it does have compared to the price I think you’ll have a hard time finding a better deal. Features include a bright 5 inch screen (800 x 480), a 40CH receiver, auto channel scanning, 2000mAh battery, external battery connection, and AV inputs.

In addition to the technical features you also get a foam pad for your face, adjustable head strap, and the whole lens assembly detaches making it easy to attach it to a tripod should you want to.

These were my first pair of FPV goggles and I’ve found flying with them to be a pretty enjoyable experience, they’re responsive, lightweight, and the auto scanning feature makes it a breeze when you need to switch frequencies. Battery life is around 3.5 hours and having an internal battery is very convenient when compared to most other quadcopters on this list which have external batteries.

The one minor downside is the stock antenna which works decent within < 150m but any further than that and you’ll want to buy a better antenna.

Overall if you want a nice balance between price and features the Eachine EV800 are a great choice for a first set of FPV goggles.

#2 Eachine VR D2 – “Best features”

eachine vr d2 fpv gogglesIf I was sorting this list by performance and features alone the Eachine VR D2 would definitely be on the top. These goggles feature a large 5 inch (800 x 480 screen), 2 antennas, built in DVR, 40CH receiver, an adjustable lens, and a long lasting external battery.

Because these FPV goggles features 2 different kinds of antennas it has a better signal quality over single antenna goggles and allows you to fly in more situations. The first is a mushroom antenna which is good for all around flying while the second is a directional patch/panel antenna that receives a much stronger signal when the FPV transmitter is directly in front of you.

The DVR on these goggles are an extremely useful feature and allow you to record your flight for future playback, very fun to be able to see the progress as you learn to fly better and better. This isn’t a unique feature for FPV goggles in general but it is the only pair of goggles on this list with built in recording functionality.

Since the lens is adjustable you can change the distance between your eyes and the lens until it is comfortable for your eyes, some users have also reported that this lets them video video clearly without their prescription glasses.

If you’re looking for the best performing FPV goggles with the best features under $100 these are the goggles to go for.

#3 FuriBee VR01

furibee vr01 fpv gogglesThe FuriBee VR 01 is the second cheapest set of goggles and is overall an excellent performer for the amount that it costs. Features include a 4.3 inch (480 x 272) screen, 2 antennas, 40CH receiver with raceband, auto channel scanning, a cushion for your face, and adjustable strap.

I’ve flown with these goggles and I have to say that for such a low cost option results are pretty excellent, reception is good, response time is great, and they’re so lightweight that sometimes you forget you’re wearing them.

With this pair of goggles they’ve improved signal quality by using a mushroom antenna and a patch/panel antenna. The mushroom antenna is a nice all around antenna for receiving signal in nearly all directions while the patch antenna is directional and improves signal reception directly in front of you. Having both of these antennas is a massive signal improvement over just a single mushroom or rubber ducky antenna.

The screen size and resolution are smaller than some of the other goggles on this list but they’re still plenty adequate for a beginner learning to fly.

One downside with these goggles is that they don’t come with a battery but it does come with a JST adapter to barrel connector so if you already have a 2-3S battery you could use it with these goggles. If you don’t already have a battery you can pick up one here that they make specifically for this which has a barrel jack connector removing the need for an adapter.

#4 Eachine VR-007 “Lowest cost”

eachine-vr-007 fpv gogglesThe Eachine VR-007 FPV goggles are as of this writing the cheapest FPV goggles available that include everything you need to use them so if you’re looking for the lowest cost FPV goggles be sure to check these out.

These recently upgraded FPV goggles have more basic features when compared to the rest with a 4.3 inch (480 x 272) screen, 40CH receiver, external battery, and auto channel scan.

User performance is close to the same as the FuriBee VR01 goggles with the bright screen, video response times, and ease of use.

These goggles come with an external 3.7v 1600mAh battery which powers the goggles for about 2.5 hours for a good amount of run time and recharges in under an hour. Charging the battery is easy and all you need is a micro USB cable meaning that you can use your phone charger, computer, or external powerbank to charge it.

Like the FuriBee VR01 goggles these feature a relatively small low resolution screen but as I mentioned before the screen is perfectly fine for beginners.

If you’re looking for the lowest of the low cost FPV goggles these are the ones to pick up on the cheap.


jjrc jjpro f01 fpv gogglesThe JJRC JJPRO – F01 FPV goggles are the last pair on our list featuring a large 5 inch (640 x 480) screen, mushroom antenna, 2000mAh battery, and 64CH full-band 5645M-5945M receiver.

These are yet another great choice in FPV goggles so don’t let the fact that I have it in 5th place deceive you. The screen is bright with a nice FOV, decent signal quality, and has a crisp clear image.

The headset itself looks quite large but when worn is very comfortable with the front face pad and adjustable elastic headstrap. In addition to being comfortable to wear this headset also has great controls on the left side and the rubber coating on the body makes it easy to move and hold.

The battery fits into the top of the headset and while being enclosed it completely removable. This battery offers up to about an hour of usable time and comes with a JST connector.

Overall as I mentioned these are still a great pair of goggles and would recommend them to anyone looking to fly.