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Top 10 RTF FPV drones under $100 | April 2017

So you’ve outgrown your little micro quad and you’re looking to step it up to the next level but you’re not sure what to get — cue the FPV quad.

FPV gives you a real time view of everything your quadcopter is seeing and provides a rewarding flight experience that can’t be matched.

The quadcopters on this list have a wide array of features, prices, and flight times making it easy for anyone to find something suited for them.

All of the quadcopters on list are RTF meaning that it comes with everything you need to get flying, no extras needed.

This list will be updated monthly as the latest and greatest FPV drones come out so you can be sure that you’re always buying the best available product.

Quick Comparison

ModelFlight TimeAltitude HoldPrice 
JXD 510G8 minYes77.01
JJRC H32GH7 minYes79.22
Eachine E40G8 minNo69.99
SKRC D20G10 minNo73.43
Hubsan H111D6 minNo79.99
GTeng T901F7 minNo78.31
GTeng T905F8 min Yes98.28
JJRC H8D8 minNo89.99
MJX X906T6 minNo79.99
Hubsan H107D8 minNo92.99

JXD 510G

The JXD 510G is one of the best FPV quadcopters available in terms of value featuring a 2MP FPV camera, altitude hold, flip mode, headless mode, autolanding/takeoff, one key return, and up to 8 minutes of flight time.

Since this is a mid sized quadcopter you’ll be flying it outdoors which means you’ll have to deal with whatever the weather throws at you. Fortunately this quadcopter performs well in medium winds and on a nice day it flies like a dream.

Camera quality on this drone is decent for the price recording in 720p directly to a microSD card on the camera module. The recorded video has very little video wobble which is a huge plus making your videos look nice and crisp.

Altitude hold on this quadcopter works like a charm and holds your height near perfectly with only the occasional bump up or down. It’s a great feature to help you when you’re recording video.

If you like this quadcopter but want something larger you can also pick up the JXD 506G which is identical except that it’s twice as large and comes with an adjustable camera.

Overall I think this is a fantastic FPV flyer with features like altitude hold making it really a fun quadcopter to fly. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for an altitude hold FPV flyer and wants something a little bit larger than the competition.


The JJRC H32GH is what I consider to be one of the best values when it comes to a smaller FPV quadcopter. Features include 2MP 720 FPV video recording, altitude hold, prop guards, flip mode, headless mode and up to 7 minutes of flight time.

This drone is small enough that you can fly it easily indoor yet large enough that you can also fly it outside — a perfect mix.

Video is recorded in crisp 720p to a microSD card on the quadcopter itself and there is nearly no video wobble to be found.

The FPV combined with altitude hold makes it great for flying around through the FPV alone. I’ve flown this quadcopter around my house completely out of sight successfully with no problems.

One nice thing about the JJRC H32GH is the fact that it comes with a removable battery which may not seem like a big deal but is actually a huge plus. Having a removable battery gives you the ability to purchase spare batteries which you can keep charged on hand for extra flight time.

The actual receiver that FPV is transmitter to has a clear bright LCD and displays video in real time with very low latency.

I would highly recommend this little drone to anyone looking for something small that they can fly indoors but also large enough that they can fly it outdoors.


The GTENG T905F is maybe one of the nicest RTF FPV quadcopters around featuring clear 720p FPV video, altitude hold, adjustable camera angle, flip mode, headless mode, and up to 8 minutes of flight time.

Actually flying this quadcopter is a breeze and in my opinion is one of the most stable FPV flyers that you can buy in this price range. Flight speeds in the highest speed mode are quick and the altitude hold keeps your height perfectly even while moving.

The camera on this quadcopter records in 720p directly to a microSD card and is very crisp with almost no video wobble — a must have for good video.

Just like the GTENG T901F the FPV receiver is built right into the transmitter making it easy to use and all the controls for the FPV functions are built right in.

The transmitter itself has nice easy to use buttons and the control sticks are the long style offering more control over how your quadcopter moves when compared to the flat style.

Overall the GTENG T905F is an FPV flyer that I really have nothing bad to say about, it flies fantastic, takes good video and the flight time is decent.

Eachine E40G

The Eachine E40G is another great FPV quadcopter on this list and is actually one of the newer FPV flyers in this price range. Features include the FPV, 720p video recording, 3 speed modes, flips, headless, one key return, and up to 8 minutes of flight time.

This quadcopter is lots of fun to fly with good outdoor performance due to the high speed and good indoor performance because of the level of control you have.

It comes with 3 speed modes which means that the complete beginner can take it nice and slow while the expert can utilize the full speed right away.

Video is recorded in 720p and is streamed over 5.8GHz straight to the FPV receiver which is mounted to the top of your transmitter. The actual video is very clear with almost no video wobble which is fantastic.

Transmitter wise the one they send with this quadcopter is very similar to your classic “console” style controller which makes it easy to use for anyone who’s played a video game in the last 15 years.

The battery clicks easily into the back of the drone which on one hand is good because you’ll have the same weight distribution when you flight but on the other hand could be a negative since you’re relying on their batteries — overall not a huge deal but worth noting.

Overall the Eachine E40G is a decent looking quadcopter for somebody looking to fly indoors and out. It is slightly cheaper than some of the quadcopters on this list because it does not come with altitude hold however it is still a great looking quadcopter I’d recommend to anyone.


The SKRC D20G is a an extremely fast FPV flyer featuring a 5.8GHz camera, headless mode, one key return, flip mode, and 8-12 minutes of flight time.

This quadcopter is one of my favorite to fly just in terms of how fast it’s able to move and how well it can maneuver. While I love FPV I like to think of it as an extra feature to use to maneuver this quadcopter rather than the selling point on this one.

Video is recorded at 640 x 480 which makes definitely makes this more of a nice fast flyer with a camera rather than something high performance with a high def camera.

In addition to the fast speeds of this quadcopter it also has exceptional battery life at nearly 12 minutes. The battery is also removable meaning that you can keep multiple charged and with just 2 batteries you can have almost 20 minutes of fun.

In conclusion this is the one quadcopter on this list that I would recommend more for the great flying rather than for the FPV. I would highly recommend this quadcopter to beginners and pros but would consider the FPV as a secondary feature.

Hubsan H111D

The Hubsan H111D is the smallest FPV quadcopter available on this list featuring a 720p FPV camera, headless mode, flip mode, and 5-6 minutes of flight time.

With this quadcopter they’ve lowered the weight significantly by using the actual PCB as the frame rather than extra plastic. Because of this weight reduction the quadcopter is able to fly faster and for longer than something else of the same size.

Flight speed is very zippy due to the high pitch that it has and it performs well both indoor/outdoors. When flying indoors you will want to be a little bit careful since it doesn’t have prop guards but when you’re outdoors you can go crazy.

The FPV has nearly no latency and the LCD screen provides a crisp clear image of whatever your quadcopter is seeing. With this little guy you can navigate both indoors and outdoors entirely through the FPV easily.

One downside to this one is the actual recorded video, it’s recorded at 720 x 240 60FPS which is a pretty unusual format but is still watchable via the transmitter and you can stretch it to a normal aspect ratio on your computer.

The transmitter included with the H111D has probably the best integrated FPV receiver with the LCD screen and controls build into the transmitter rather than being an optional attachment.

Overall the Hubsan H111D is a very nice flyer and if you can get over the strange recorded video aspect ratio it’s a fantastic quadcopter.

GTeng T901F

The GTeng T901F is one of the most unique looking FPV drones on this list featuring a 2MP FPV camera, flip mode, headless mode, one key return, 6-8 minutes of flight time, and a great looking transmitter.

GTeng loves their crazy designs and the T901F is no exception, the body itself is basically just a bunch of angles with the main body being square and the arms are L shaped.

The flight performance on this one is very nice with a large amount of pitch making it great for flying outdoors. Flying it indoors is also great fun and thanks to the prop guards you’ll be hard pressed to damage the propellers.

Video is recorded at 720p with low video wobble, good color, and there is sound recorded which you really won’t use but I want you to be aware of it.

The transmitter included with the GTeng T901F has the FPV receiver built right into it with all the controls right right under the screen. On the topic of the transmitter they are using the longer style control sticks which gives you better control on a small quadcopter.

If you’re looking for a small unique looking FPV flyer the GTeng T901F is definitely the quadcopter for you and you’ll be hard pressed to find a drone as unique looking.

Hubsan H107D X4

The Hubsan H107D X4 was one of the first FPV flyers available at a low cost to consumers and while it’s been around a long time it is still a great quadcopter. Features include 0.3MP (640 x 480) FPV camera, up to 8 minutes of flight time, a removable battery, flip mode, headless mode, and one key return.

Flight performance on this quadcopter is pretty good with a lot of pitch in the highest speed making it good for outdoor flights and the lower speeds make it a great indoor quadcopter as well.

Camera quality is probably the biggest thing that dates this quadcopter as it is only 480p while the standard of today is 720p but for what it is it’s still decent video.

The transmitter features a built in FPV receiver with all controls in a convenient location and you can even put your microSD card in it to rewatch recorded video from your flight.

Overall this is a good quadcopter and even though it’s not the best on this list if you’re looking for something tried and true this could be the quadcopter for you.


The JJRC H8D is another slightly larger quadcopter from JJRC featuring a 720p FPV camera, flip mode, headless mode, one key return, and up to 8 minutes of flight time.

Design wise this quadcopter is mid sized, comes with the camera mounted to the bottom, and finally there are bright LED lights around the entire outside of the body making it extremely visible.

Flight performance is great outdoors which is what this is geared for and while it isn’t the fastest flyer on this list it still performs fantastic.

Video is recorded in 720p with slight video wobble and since it is a little bit larger you get a more stable video that isn’t blown around so much by wind.

The FPV receiver features a 4.3 inch screen, low video latency, and signal is able to be received up to 150+ meters in an open area.

Transmitter wise you get the same large model as the JJRC H32GH with easy to use buttons, a nice LCD screen, and long control sticks for accurate flying.

Overall if you’re looking for a nice FPV quad with decent flight times, good video, and that has been around for awhile the JJRC H8D is a great choice.


The MJX X906T is a smaller FPV drone featuring a 5.8GHz FPV camera, flip mode, one key return, headless mode, and about 6 minutes of flight time.

This quadcopter has a very simple body design which reminds me of something sort of like a UFO and on the front above the camera it features “eyes’ which gives it a fun look.

Flight performance is speedy in the highest speed mode and nice and docile in the low speed mode — perfect for indoor and outdoor flying.

The transmitter is very small featuring flat style control sticks and a small integrated FPV screen which displays live video over 5.8GHz radio signal.

Recorded video resolution is 640 x 480 with low video wobble which is about what you’d expect for a quadcopter of this size.

Overall while this isn’t the top quadcopter on this list if you’re looking for something fun to fly with a cool look I’d highly recommend this quadcopter.