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Top 10 micro drones under $25 | April 2017

One of the best options for an introductory quadcopter/drone that a beginner can get these days is the micro quadcopter. These micro quadcopters are cheap, easy to fly, and the ability to fly indoors is a huge plus.

The major problem people have when buying a micro quadcopter is the amount variety, there are just so many different drones with so many different features it can be hard to choose.

So I’ve compiled my list of what I feel are the top 10 best micro drones available for under $25 so that you don’t have to dig through and figure it out for yourself.

I’ll be keeping this list updated monthly so that you can be sure you’re always getting the best micro quadcopter that money can buy.

Quick Comparison

ModelFlight TimeRemovable BattCost 
Eachine E010/JJRC H364 - 5 minYes$13.99
Cheerson CX - 104 - 8 minNo$12.49
Syma X205 minNo$22.99
Eachine H8/JJRC H85 - 7 minYes$12.49
JJRC H207 minYes$18.99
XINLIN X1654 - 5 minNo$11.89
Helic Max 13365 minNo$18.45
FQ777-951C6 minYes$18.99
SY - X315 - 7 minNo$13.09
Global Drone GW0087 - 8 minYes$16.99

JJRC H36 / Eachine E010 “Best Value”

The Eachine E010 / JJRC H36 is a very popular quadcopter for the simple fact that it’s reliable and cheap for the features that it offers. Frequently available for under $15 these quadcopters (they’re both the same) feature 4-5 minutes of flight time, ducted propellers, flip mode, and headless mode.

The ducts on this quadcopter help force air down and perhaps more importantly protects the propellers from damage making it the perfect indoor flyer. You can seriously bash this thing around into walls, furniture, whatever you want and chances are it will keep kicking.

As far as flight performance goes this little quadcopter is extremely fast in the highest speed mode but still very controllable. It has a removable battery which means you can buy multiple batteries to switch out for even more flight time.

So in conclusion if you’re a beginner looking for something durable that you can fly indoors I would highly recommend this quadcopter.

(The FuriBee F36 is another clone you can buy which has different flight performance)

Cheerson CX – 10 “Smallest”

Chances are you’ve stumbled across the Cheerson CX-10 if you’ve ever looked into buying a quadcopter and it seems to be the one that started the cheap quadcopter craze.

The base version of this quadcopter is very basic featuring a 4-8 minute flight time, flip mode, and 3 speed modes. In addition to this basic version they’ve also released many variations with different features which I’ll list below.

This quadcopter is very small at only 40 x 40 x 22mm (1.57 x 1.57 x 0.8″) which makes it a great cheap indoor flyer. Most versions come with propeller guards so you can bump into things and not worry about damage. Flight performance is nice and with the 3 speed modes you can learn to fly quickly stepping up your speed along the way.

Overall the Cheerson CX-10 which was once the worlds smallest quadcopter is a fantastic cheap flyer and would be great for anyone.

Syma X20

The Syma X20 is the newest item on this list and is another fantastic quadcopter featuring altitude hold, headless mode, one key takeoff/landing and around 5 minutes of flight time.

This quadcopter has some great design features like built in prop guards, an internal battery, and can fit in the palm of your hand.

Altitude hold on such a cheap quadcopter of this size is nearly unheard of and lets you forget about the throttle so you can focus on flying. This feature works very well to hold the quadcopter at a consistent height with only a slight bump up or down occasionally.

Speed wise the SYMA X20 is be very fast in its highest speed mode and while it’s mostly an indoor quadcopter is also perfectly suited for outdoor flights.

Flight times are around 5 minutes which is right on par with something this size and the recharge time is around 30 minutes which is pretty decent.

The transmitter for this quadcopter has a sliding control stick similar to the Nintendo 3DS and this feature as far as I know is unique to this quadcopter.

Overall when you take into consideration the price, size, and ease of use for this quadcopter it’s a great little flyer. The altitude hold alone makes it great for beginners learning to fly and I think that it’s well worth the money for what you’re getting.

Eachine H8 Mini/JJRC H8 Mini

The Eachine H8 Mini / JJRC H8 Mini is a tried and true quadcopter featuring flip mode, headless mode, one key return, 3 flight speeds, and 5-7 minutes of flight time.

This quadcopter is available under the Eachine/JJRC brand but both quadcopters are identical except for color and logo.

The Eachine H8 Mini was the second most popular quadcopter after the Cheerson CX-10 for a very long time and is almost triple the size.

As far as flight performance goes the Eachine H8 is zippy with lots of control and the amount of flight time gives you lots of time for fun.

This quadcopter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights but with the amount of speed it has you’ll be itching to fly outside. That doesn’t mean you can’t fly indoors though, the prop guards let you fly indoors with no worry about damaging the props.

Overall the Eachine H8/JJRC H8 is a great cheap small quadcopter perfect for nearly everyone. Either brand will work exactly the same and I encourage you to check both sites to get the cheapest price.


While the JJRC H20 is technically a hexacopter and not a quadcopter I think that it’s performance gives it a well deserved spot on this list. Features for this little hexacopter include flip mode, headless mode, one key return, and 5-7 minutes of flight time.

Size wise this this little hexacopter can fit in the palm of your hand and includes a removable battery so you can keep extras charged for even more flight.

Since this little hexacopter has 6 motors instead of 2 it has much more power, speed, and punch than a quadcopter of similar size. Outdoor performance is fantastic on a nice day however it is affected by wind so a nice day is a must when flying. When flying the JJRC H20 indoors it’s another story due to the fact that you don’t have any external forces like wind.

Since this quadcopter is so zippy they’ve also included prop guards for each propeller that protect from damage in the event of a bump or crash — a must have.

Overall a fun hexacopter to fly and if you’re looking for a great little flyer you can’t go wrong with the JJRC H20.


The XINLIN X165 doesn’t get a lot of recommendations as a beginner quadcopter but I think it’s actually a very nice unit at an affordable price. Features include flip mode, 3 speed modes, and up to 5 minutes of flight time.

This quadcopter has quite a unique look to it that you won’t find anywhere else and you can pick it up in black or white. Design features include an internal battery, power switch, charging port on the back, and blue lights on the top that look a lot like eyes.

The XINLIN X165 is a great indoor/outdoor flyer and when you get into its highest speed mode it is incredibly fast. When flying indoors you can stick to the lower 2 settings for a nice easy flight and when you go outdoors you can put it in the highest mode where it can fly like a hummingbird.

Flight times on this are anywhere from 4-5 minutes which doesn’t seem like a huge amount of time but with a low 25 minute charge time you’ll be back flying quick.

The transmitter is very similar in size to the Cheerson CX-10 and while it is very small I’ve found that it’s still an excellent flyer.

Overall the XINLIN X165 is an overlooked but very nice quadcopter and while it has only the most basic features it would make for a great beginner quadcopter.

Helic Max Sky Walker 1336

If you’re looking for something nearly unbreakable the Helic Max 1336 is the quadcopter for you.

This quadcopter comes with a protective roll cage, flip mode, 5 minutes of flight time, and a special “circle” mode.

The rolling cage protects this quadcopter from nearly all bumps, falls, and crashes while also allowing it to roll on the floor and ceiling.

Circle mode is something unique the Helic Max quadcopters and in this mode your quadcopter flies in a perfect circle with you only needing to adjust throttle. It doesn’t sound super exciting from my description but it is definitely very fun and is one of my favorite unique quadcopter features.

Flight performance is great and should you want to you can remove the cage and fly even faster without the rolling cage. When in motion the cage itself rolls even in mid air making for a very cool effect while flying.

In conclusion if you’re looking for something very easy and fun to fly while being extremely durable this could be the one for you.


The FQ777-951C is a nice small quadcopter featuring a 0.3MP camera, flip mode, headless mode, one key return, and up to 6 minutes of flight time.

As far as design, camera, and size goes the FQ777-951C is very similar to the Cheerson CX-10C but has some improvements like a removable battery and a cheaper price.

The main advantage this quadcopter has over many other small quadcopters is the removable battery. With a removable battery you have the ability to keep multiple charged for uninterrupted flight sessions.

Video quality on this quadcopter is 0.3MP which means that it will likely be recording at 640 x 480 resolution which is quite low but for the price and size of this quadcopter it is right on point.

Overall if you’re looking for a small camera enabled quadcopter and have realistic expectations of camera quality the FQ777-951C is a great choice.

SY – X31

The SY – X31 is a micro quadcopter featuring folding arms, flip mode, headless mode, one key return, and up to 7 minutes of flight time.

Being the only folding quadcopter on this list the SY – X31 is extremely portable is so small that you can fit it inside the transmitter.

Flight performance on this quadcopter is fantastic with a great amount of speed making it perfect for flying indoors and outdoors.

In addition to making the SY – X31 portable the folding arms absorb some of the impact on a crash and fold in preventing you from damaging the quadcopter.

The transmitter included with this quadcopter is a nice size and has a small compartment in the center where you can store the quadcopter. This is great for storage and makes it easy to carry with you in a large pocket or backpack.

If you’re looking for something small and portable I highly recommend the SY – X31 as it is a nice cheap quadcopter with good performance.

Global Drone GW008

The Global Drone GW008 is an awesome looking skull quadcopter that features has a very basic feature set with flip mode, multiple speed modes, and up to 7 minutes of flight time.

Design wise this quadcopter is one of my favorites, it comes in red or black, both designs include a skull decal, and the eyes glow because of LEDs inside.

Flight times are up to 8 minutes with a 30 minute recharge time and since the battery is removable you can keep multiple batteries charged.

Overall this is a great little novelty quadcopter and while it isn’t the best quadcopter it is one of my favorites. It made for a great gift to my nephew on his birthday and I highly recommend it as a cool gift for anyone.