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T3505 is a new folding drone with WiFi FPV and altitude hold

Today we’re checking out the T3505 which is a new quadcopter featuring folding arms, WiFi FPV, altitude hold, headless mode, flip mode, and one key takeoff/landing.

t3505 top

This quadcopter can be picked up in 3 different versions, one with a 480p WiFi FPV camera, a 720p WiFi FPV camera, and a standard version with no camera.

I think the difference between 480p and 720p is likely going to end up meaning the 720p version has a microSD card slot while the 480p version will not.

t3505 folded

The arms on the T3505 fold into the side of the quadcopter making it compact and easy for storing or transporting. At the moment this quadcopter seems to only be available for purchase in black.

Actual video on this quadcopter is streamed over WiFi where it is also saved (at least in the 480p version). There is a slight delay in the video when flying which can make it a little bit of a pain to fly using FPV alone. Fortunately since the quadcopter has altitude hold it does the job of controlling the throttle for us and is an extremely useful feature.

t3505 transmitter

The transmitter for this quadcopter is your standard console style controller with flat control sticks, 2 d-pads, and some extra buttons for various functions.


Overall the T3505 is not a bad looking folding quadcopter but it is nothing unique when it comes to the features that it has. Altitude hold and WiFi FPV make a very good combination and altitude hold is nearly essential for WiFi FPV. Click the button below to pick one up for yourself.

$47.90 on Gearbest


  • Model: T3505
  • Detailed Control Range: 60m
  • FPV Range: about 30m
  • Battery: 3.7V 550mAh lithium-ion
  • Flight Time: 6-7mins
  • Charge Time.: 60mins
  • Weight: 0.5500 kg
  • Dimensions: 28.00 x 22.00 x 7.00 cm

Included Items:

1 x Quadcopter ( Battery Included )
1 x Transmitter
8 x Blade
4 x Propeller Protector
1 x USB Cable
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Set of Screws
1 x English Manual

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