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Syma X5HW is the newest and coolest WiFi FPV quadcopter from Syma

Syma X5HW

Syma is at it this month announcing their upgraded quadcopters and the Syma X5HW is no exception. It’s an update to the classic X5SW and includes features such as headless mode, flip mode, multiple speeds, a WiFi camera that streams video to your phone, and the brand new feature and my personal favorite altitude hold.

The camera on the Syma X5HW quadcopter I suspect is the same camera as the older X5SW and while that camera wasn’t the greatest it was a decent entry point for someone looking to get a WiFi FPV quadcopter. Video will be sent to your phone via a WiFi connection and hopefully it records video on the camera itself as poor signal can result in glitchy video if it’s recording to the phone.

There is nothing revolutionary about the transmitter, it is your average transmitter with all the buttons and switches you need to control your quadcopter and people haven’t had any major complaints about it. The older X5SW had what I believe to be the same transmitter and there was a mod out there to increase transmitter range which I suspect you can probably do with this new quadcopter and transmitter.

syma x5hw included items

I did notice that they don’t make any mention of being able to turn autohover/altitude hold on or off which makes me wonder if you’re always stuck in that mode. It’s nice but it would still be good to be able to use the classic mode where you have to adjust throttle constantly, I am sure this is just an oversight in the limited information available and that you can switch between these modes but we will have to see.

Altitude hold is just great for any quadcopter with a camera and it will be a great additional feature for the Syma X5HW. Altitude/Height Hold (also known as auto-hover) uses a sensitive barometric pressure sensor to monitor air pressure and keep your quadcopter at the same level of air pressure. Obviously if you know anything about air pressure you know that it’s different at different altitudes and by monitoring this pressure the X5SW is able to adjust throttle accordingly to stay at that height.

Some other features to note:

  • They have also upgraded the battery slightly from 500 to 600mAh.
  • Flip mode
  • Headless mode

I’m really excited for this quadcopter to be released and I’m going to pick one up when that happens so look forward to a text and video review of that. In the mean time you can click the button below for even more information and images of their new quadcopter.

$47.99 on GearBest


  • Brand Name: Syma
  • Model: X5HW
  • Colors: White,
  • Battery: 3.7V 600mAh
  • Charge Time: About 90 mins(USB charging)
  • Flight time : About 5~7 minutes
  • Transmitter Range: 30-50 meters
  • Product size: 33*33*11cm


1 x Camera
1 x Transmitter
1 x Phone mount/holder
4 x Propeller Guards
2 x Landing Gear
1 x Battery
1 x Screwdriver
1 x USB cable
1 x Card reader
1 x Manual

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