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eachine e55 front

Eachine E55 portable folding WiFi FPV quadcopter review

Eachine E55 WiFi FPV Quadcopter

Performance - 6
Flight Time - 7
Build Quality - 7
Value for money - 7


Cheap WiFi FPV!

Summary: The Eachine E55 is a folding WiFi FPV quadcopter featuring altitude hold, flip mode, headless mode, a 0.3MP camera, and 4-6 minutes of flight time. It's a fun portable little flyer available at a pretty low cost and definitely work taking a look at.

  • Cheap
  • Portable
  • Decent flight time
  • Loses altitude while moving fast
  • Video frame loss

Get it for $35.99

Thanks to Banggood for sending me this sample to review.

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What’s in the box

eachine e55 includedThe box that this quadcopter is shipped in is packed very well and if you choose to you could store everything in the box when not in use.

In the box you get the quadcopter, the transmitter, phone holder, 300mAh battery, USB charger, 4 spare blades, screwdriver, and one small storage bag.

Flight Performance

The Eachine E55 is a very fast and agile quadcopter when flying and is actually one of the most well balanced quadcopters in terms of speed modes I’ve ever seen.

In the lowest speed mode they’ve put it right in that sweet spot of being slow enough to fly accurately indoors and fast enough to fly outdoors. The highest speed mode gives a great amount of speed which increases both pitch/roll and yaw to a very fast but usable level.

Altitude hold works great when flying short distances or in a small areas but when flying at the highest speed there are a few issues. When flying very fast you actually lose a slight amount of altitude while moving which accumulates over time.

If you fly too quickly and too long of a distance you’ll actually have to give it throttle to avoid hitting the ground. Occasionally though you can’t give it enough throttle and will have to slow down.


  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: E55
  • Flight Time: 4-6 minutes
  • Charge Time: 30 minutes
  • Camera: 0.3MP WiFi FPV
  • Range: 50 meters
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.5cm (folded)
  • Weight: 46.3g


eachine e55 top

The design of this quadcopter is one of the major selling points and they really did a great job on it. Taking a look at the arms of the quadcopter they fold easily into the body making an extremely portable square shape.

This little quadcopter comes in 2 red or black with red and blue LEDs in the arms, blue in the front and red in the back.

On the top of the quadcopter you have a power on button rather than a switch (which is getting more popular) and on the bottom you have soft foam pads which cushion landing slightly.

As for the battery setup they’ve included a 300mAh battery which provides 4-6 minutes of flight time and plugs into the battery compartment on the bottom of the quadcopter. This compartment features just enough room with no extra and the battery door latch seems a little flimsy so that is something to be wary of.

The motors themselves are mounted horizontally in the arms and transfer power to the propellers via a geared propeller system which makes a nice sound and works out fine. With the propellers on the Eachine E55 they’ve actually put each blade on a separate axis which lets them swivel independently.

By combining the folding arms and unique propeller design they’ve actually made this thing extremely crash resistant. On impact the arms themselves fold in slightly and since the propeller blades for each arm are separated on a swivel they tend to not take much of a hit.


eachine e55 camera

The camera included with this one streams video over WiFi to your phone where the video is viewed and also saved. Video quality is 0.3MP which is pretty standard for these small WiFi FPV quadcopters and video resolution is recorded at 640×480.

The camera itself is just your run of the mill pinhole camera mounted in the front recess where the arms are normally stored.

Now since this quadcopter is recording to your phone over the WiFi signal recorded video quality depends entirely on the signal quality between phone and the quadcopter.

When the signal quality lowers which is going to happen the further you fly from your phone video latency will increase up to a maximum of about 2 seconds. In addition to the latency I also begin to experience frame skipping in the streamed and recorded video.


eachine e55 transmitter main

The transmitter included with the Eachine E55 is small featuring buttons for flips, speed changes, takeoff/landing and headless mode. For the most part I think it’s a nice transmitter albeit a little small which did take some getting used to but works fine.

On the left hand side of the transmitter you have 4 “d-pad” buttons which have letters that correspond to a direction and is what you use to takeoff/land or to activate headless mode.

To take off with the transmitter you first press the left “X” button to start spinning up the motors. After you spin up the motors you have 2 choices, press the right “B” button to auto takeoff or simply apply throttle to take off manually.

The top of the transmitter features 2 sets of 2 buttons which are your flip mode/speed change on the right side and photo/video on the left side which aren’t used in this WiFi FPV version.

On the top of the transmitter you can clip in the adjustable phone mount which allows you to use a wide array of phone sizes for the WiFi FPV receiving.

The control sticks are the flat “console” style sticks which work decently with this small quadcopter though longer control sticks would be preferred.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Eachine E55 is decent quadcopter and while it isn’t the best around it’s still worth taking a look at. The WiFi FPV is about on par with other quadcopters and the only real downside is that the altitude hold drops altitude while moving fast which if you’re flying mostly indoors isn’t a huge problem. Click the button below for more information on this quadcopter.

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