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eachine e33c main

Eachine E33C 2MP camera quadcopter in-depth review

Eachine E33C 2MP Camera Quadcopter

Performance - 8
Flight Time - 7.5
Build Quality - 6.5
Value for money - 7.2


Great fun!

Summary: The Eachine E33C is a medium sized quadcopter featuring a 2MP camera, headless mode, flip mode, one key return, and up to 5 minutes of flight time. It's a fun flyer overall and a decent buy for someone looking for a camera quadcopter.

  • Cheap
  • Good flight performance
  • Video wobble

Get it for $32.99

Thanks to Banggood for sending me this sample to review.

Check out my video review.

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What’s in the box

The Eachine E33C comes with the following

1 x Eachine E33C RC Quadcopter
1 x 3.7V 380mAh battery
1 x USB charger
4 x Propeller
4 x Prop guards
4 x Landing legs
1 x User manual
1 x Transmitter
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Camera

(No microSD card or reader included)

Flight Performance

Getting right to the point the flight performance on this quadcopter is superb for the price and makes it great for indoor/outdoor flying.

Battery life is around 4-5 minutes which while it isn’t a whole lot of flight time is pretty common for something of this size. It does use common batteries so if you did some shopping around you could buy spares and increase your flight time.

The Eachine E33C features 3 speed modes to accommodate for a large range of flying skill levels meaning there is something for everyone.

In the lowest speed mode the quadcopter is fast enough to be fun but slow enough to still be easy to control. When you enter the medium speed pitch/roll are kicked up a notch and provide for optimal speed and control. Finally you have the highest speed mode which has again slightly more pitch than medium but INSANE almost uncontrollable yaw so I recommend flying in medium speed mode.

Flip mode on this quadcopter is easy to use and results in nice tight flips with a little bit of throttle before the flip to help recover from any altitude loss. To use the flip mode simply press the right flip bumper and then the direction you want to flip.

Flip mode is disabled when the drone enters the LVC (low voltage) mode to help protect it from damage.

As a safety feature when the Eachine E33C is unexpectedly flipped upside down it disables the motors to lower the risk of damaged propellers. This is very useful in the event of a crash and to re-enable the motors all you have to do is move the throttle up and down just like when binding.

I did have one issue where occasionally the LVC warning would kick on a minute or so early, I could still fly fine but unfortunately this disabled the flip mode.


  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: E33C
  • Flight Time: 4-5 minutes
  • Charge Time: 30-60 minutes
  • Camera: 2MP
  • Range: 80 – 100m
  • Battery: 3.7v 380mAh
  • Dimensions: 25 * 25 * 7cm
  • Weight: 90.5


This quadcopter uses the classic X shaped frame and comes in black with gold/silver accents and multicolor propellers. On the bottom of each arm there are LEDs covered with a frosted piece of white plastic, blue in the front and red in the back.

Size wise I would say that this is a medium quadcopter at 25 x 25 x 7cm and lightweight at only 90.5 grams.

This quadcopter comes with 2 battery covers, one with no camera, and one with a camera which is likely to be the one you use so you shouldn’t be swapping them after the initial install.

While evaluating this quadcopter I swapped battery covers several times which led to a piece of the plastic that holds the cover in snapping off. The cover still locks securely when flying to it isn’t a super huge deal but do take care when swapping the battery covers.eachine e33c propeller

The Eachine E33C uses geared motors which works fine but the motors themselves don’t seem very securely mounted as the propeller shaft moves quite a bit if you push it. I think that this may be making the props unbalanced which could be the cause of the video wobble mentioned below.

In addition to the camera/battery door on the bottom of the quadcopter you also have an on/off switch and holes to mount taller landing gear. Because the battery is removable and has a switch you can leave it plugged in all the time with no problems, another bonus is that you can buy extra batteries to swap out.

Next to each motor you have the option to mount a propeller guard which will help protect your props from damage though when flying outside I didn’t see a huge need for them.


The camera on the Eachine E33C is mounted to the bottom of the quadcopter on one of the included battery doors and is angled slightly downward. Video quality on this camera is 2MP and records video to a microSD card slot on the camera itself.

Video is recorded by pressing down on the left D-Pad and to end the video just press the button again making sure you get the confirmation beep.

eachine e33c camera

Actual recorded video quality is decent but the camera suffers from video wobble that I think is partially caused by the loosely mounted motors. I’ve tried foam in a few different places which so far hasn’t resolved this jelloing issue.

The camera plugs into the bottom of the quadcopter via a cable and at first glance it appears that the camera has an adjustable angle which does seem to move a bit but unfortunately it doesn’t hold the angle change.

eachine e33c camera

Because of the video wobble I wouldn’t recommend this to someone looking for ultra crisp smooth video but if you’re just looking to have some form of video the E33C will work for you.

Make sure that you press the button again to save video before powering down the quadcopter otherwise it won’t save.


eachine e33c transmitter

The transmitter included with this quadcopter is very nice to use featuring flat control sticks, shoulder buttons, and D-PAD buttons. It feels very nice in the hands and is made of a nice smooth plastic which doesn’t feel cheap at all.

I am not a huge fan of these flat style control sticks which normally offer less control than the longer style but I didn’t have any problems maneuvering around while using this transmittter.

eachine e33c control stick

As far as controls go on the top right you have your flip button, the top left is your speed control button, and pressing in the right control stick will enter headless mode. Looking at the left D-Pad on the left most button you have your LED controls, the right D-PAD button enters one key return mode, and the down button will start/stop the video recording.

I am pretty happy with this transmitter for the most part and have had a fantastic time flying with it.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Eachine E33C has good flight performance and while it does have a few issues with the camera wobbling it’s still a nice flyer. If you’re looking for something cheap, fun to fly, and with a decent set of features I’d recommend picking this one up. Click the link below to pick one up for yourself and get flying.

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